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Havergal College has embarked on the most ambitious fundraising endeavour in our school’s history. The Limitless Campaign will help create spaces that inspire learning and support our tradition of excellence in educating young women. With a fundraising goal of $21 million, our campus enhancements will be dedicated to art, STEM (science, technology, engineering, math), music, health and well-being, and environmental sustainability, offering our students interdisciplinary opportunities that will shape their journeys beyond the ivy.

Our Priorities


Cultivating creativity and imagination »


Sparking curiosity and innovation »


Developing self-confidence and focus »

Health & Well-Being

Fuelling a healthy, mind, body and spirit »

Environmental Sustainability

Protecting our planet for future generations »

Our Progress

Amount raised

$19.9 Mil


$21 Mil


I Am Limitless

Supporting the Limitless Campaign means creating spaces that inspire learning, with timeless connections and priceless opportunities. Discover how Havergal taught our Old Girls and students to be fearless in pursuing their passions and exploring limitless possibilities.

Our Stories

Latest News

Four people smiling

The Canadian Schools Art Education Program

Although unknown to many, the work of Canadian artists—such as Paul-Émile Borduas, Prudence Howard, Molly Lamb Bobak to name a few—provide a valuable documentation of Canada’s history and cultural identity. With the vision of bringing… »

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