When Art and Music Collide

Rosa Mastri and Rachel Read’s art and music collaboration is a perfect example of how Grade 6 students are guided through this approach. Using acquired knowledge of visual art and music terminology, girls are given the opportunity to explore how each discipline can be expressed through a different lens. Over the course of the project, students selected a piece of music to analyze and then created an original work of art that visually demonstrated the common art elements which unite both disciplines.

“We hoped the students would question the ways in which these art forms share common elements in their composition in order to communicate ideas in creative ways,” explains Visual Arts teacher Ms. Mastri. “Then we set them on their journey to explore the intersection of music and visual art.”

“The project started in 2013 when we realized that some of the language we use to talk about art and music is the same,” says Music teacher Ms. Read. “It was a very organic conversation and at that time, we were not quite sure of the direction it would take.”

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