Junior School scientists


We encourage our students to think like scientists, to use deductive reasoning based on evidence to understand the world around them.

—Darryl Reiter, STEM Coordinator, Junior School

Students studying science

Facilitating hands-on learning and promote experimentation in various fields

New spaces for STEM in the Junior and the Upper Schools

Innovative STEM classroom Junior School

  • Custom-designed for teaching and learning, with three distinct zones for participatory activities, including a demo space, design and technology hub and lab area.
  • Additional storage to increase the amount of science-related supplies available to students.
  • Outdoor study terrace to provide students with the opportunity to learn about and explore nature.
  • Positioned next to the art classroom, allowing creative and analytical disciplines to be taught in conjunction.

Custom-designed makerspace Upper School

  • Space to support an expanded Robotics program.
  • Drop-in area for students to use for cross-disciplinary projects.

Technology education classrooms Upper School

  • Additional technical support for students.