Terry Fox Run

Health & Well-being

Our new serveries and dining rooms will be warm, welcoming spaces that offer a place to relax, recharge and enjoy a good meal.

—Rauni Whiteley, Food Service Director

Friends at the Terry Fox Run

Promoting healthy living

Build and renovate spaces in the Junior and Upper Schools

Stunning new dining wing Junior School

  • Full servery, kitchen and dining hall to reflect our nutritional philosophy, supporting academic excellence with fresh, seasonal and diverse food.
  • Light-filled dining hall overlooking the Burke Brooke.

Renovated gymnasium Junior School

  • Designed exclusively for physical education classes and the needs of elementary school students.
  • Opportunities to maximize student participation, encouraging both physical and mental health.

Learning support areas Junior School

  • Space to provide individual support to ensure well-being among our youngest students.

Renovated dining wing Upper School

  • Renovated servery and dining hall to improve traffic flow and provide a welcoming space for students during mealtimes.
  • Renovated kitchen to provide expanded meal options helping our students to develop a deeper relationship with food.