Environmental Sustainability

By minimizing our carbon footprint, we are being a responsible community member and providing our students with increased environmental consciousness and understanding.

—Lisa Massie, Director of Facilities

Students examining leaves

Campus enhancements

Sustainable design features
  • Green roofs to reduce energy consumption and help clean the air.
  • Rooftop solar array panels to produce an alternative source of energy for the school.
  • Three-storey BioWall to provide a natural air filtration system, which helps to purify and freshen the air within the Upper School building.
  • Daylight sensors and occupancy controls to ensure that lights are turned off after a room is vacated.
  • Electric vehicle charging stations to promote the reduction of greenhouse gases.
  • Water use–efficient plumbing fixtures to decrease water usage.
  • Native and drought-resistant plants, reducing the volume of water needed to maintain beautiful gardens.