Keeping young creative spirits ignited and transferring this energy into all their learning is key to developing creative potential.

—Rosa Mastri, Visual Arts Teacher, Junior School

Upper School Art

Fostering closer collaboration between disciplines and across grades

New art spaces in both the Junior and the Upper Schools

Purpose-built art classroom Junior School

  • Open space to support large-scale projects and individual work areas.
  • Additional display areas to showcase student art-in-progress.
  • Outdoor space to provide young students a creative workspace with the beautiful backdrop of the Burke Brooke.
  • Close in proximity to the STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) classroom, encouraging thinking across disciplines.

Dynamic art spaces Upper School

  • Double-height art studio, darkroom and outdoor sculpture area, uniting the entire program in one building.
  • Collaborative spaces to encourage greater sharing of creative ideas among students in the Middle and the Senior Schools.
  • Close in proximity to technology classrooms, fostering greater collaboration between departments and encouraging students to bring their creativity and imagination to their technology-based projects.